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Who pays the home insurance claims deductible for storm damage repairs?

You as the homeowner are fully responsible for paying your deductible and it is actually against the law for a contractor to cover that cost. Guardian Home Improvements does, however, offer a cash incentive for customer referrals.

Is storm damage visible from the ground?

Not when inspecting the roof. Some damage areas such as siding, soft metal trim and other lower exterior items may be viewed from ground level, but storm damage must be identified by a Storm Damage Specialist and/or your homeowner’s Insurance Adjuster.

My neighbor’s new roof was covered under their policy, why did my insurance company state there is not any damage to my property?

This is something we hear often or in other cases that a storm repair contractor met an adjuster and they agreed there was not enough damage to replace the roof or siding. Guardian handles every project on a case by case basis.

If there is not much damage we will inform you before you file the claim. If your insurance company’s adjuster doesn’t agree with the damage, we will instruct you to contact your agent to see what the proper steps would be for you to get a second opinion, and we would offer to meet the next inspector on site. If it so happens that there is not much damage, we would instruct the homeowner to not move forward with an insurance claim.

One more point to understand is that storms and severe weather conditions affect each home differently and each building material differently. Furthermore, different homeowner’s insurance companies have different descriptions of what they consider covered hail and storm damage.

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