Robert Frehafer – Owner

Robert Frehafer, also known as Bobby, founded Guardian Home Improvements with a goal of helping homeowners in need of immediate home repairs caused by storm damage. Many “Storm Chasing” companies come in to work an area, never to be heard from again. Bobby found a need to provide the highest quality service in a localized region where we could cultivate a relationship with the clientele in order to serve them for years to come. Read More > While creating a company based on Christian values, he also surrounded himself with representatives and installers who encompass the same qualities, morals, and hardworking dedication that are required to run a successful and honest business.

Bobby started working summers with his dad at the age of 14 with the task of cleaning up siding and further becoming an installer. He has since then expanded on experience and skills by installing roofing, all types of flooring and all glass 4Seasons brand sunrooms through his mid 20's. Bobby has mastered all aspects of home improvement business leadership skills with extensive experience in sales, project management and overseeing production.

Bobby takes the time to listen to the concerns and needs of clients and employees to find an agreeable outcome as he views Guardian as a team oriented business. His open mind and excellent business sense combined with his passion for helping people allows Guardian Home Improvements to not only be a reputable company to the clientele we serve, but to the employees, installers and material service providers that work alongside the company daily. Overseeing the company requires a great deal of time and dedication. Bobby manages to balance this while making time for his family, staying involved with his church, and also serving and supporting our local and global communities. Read Less

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Jon Goodman – Operations Manager

Jon Goodman is the Operations Manager who works with homeowners and suppliers to coordinate projects and provide customer service. Jon believes the best services in this world are not always the cheapest. With a focus on quality, he has instituted a work atmosphere that demands the best while remaining competitive. Jon earned his 3M Certification through Atlas Roofing and became a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator. Read More >

In addition to an excellent work ethic, Jon is a family oriented person. He and his wife stay active with their three children and recently started fostering children in need. Jon coaches his children’s sports teams and leads them in other activities such as Scouts. Read Less

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Dan Cruz – Controller

Dan Cruz, in the position of Controller, manages the finances of the Guardian Home Improvements. Dan also researches changes in building codes, how they are enforced in the different municipalities we perform work in and obtains permits as necessary for each project. Dan assists homeowners during the insurance claims process by creating the documents required by mortgage and insurance companies, then follows up with them to ensure the claim is processed in a timely manner. Read More > Dan’s recollection of details, pleasant demeanor and willingness to help others makes him the ideal candidate to handle such tasks.

With his past experience working for a building supply company, he has knowledge of the materials required for a given task. Aside from his work with Guardian, Dan runs a successful bookkeeping business. Even during the busiest tax season, Dan manages his time efficiently to handle a heavy workload and spend time with his family. He makes it to all of his children's sporting events and extracurricular activities as well as coordinating events with his church and is an active member in the deaf community. Dan has taught classes for sign language and he and his wife even adopted a deaf child to provide her a bright future. Read Less

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Robert Allen – Office Manager

Robert Allen is the Office Manager for Guardian Home Improvements. He maintains a clean and organized work space, answers incoming calls, follows up with clientele after a job has been completed, and assists all team members in their daily roles. Bob’s other tasks include managing various social media outlets, marketing, and implementing changes with our Customer Relationship Management software. Read More > Bob brings 24 years of customer service, sales management, and general management experience with him and strives to provide the best service possible. He is always looking for new technology and ways to streamline processes so we have more time to dedicate to our clientele.

Aside from his work with Guardian Home Improvements, Bob continues to pursue his education as a massage therapist. He always makes time to see his daughter’s musical performances and sporting events. Bob enjoys hiking and kayaking with friends and family, as well as writing, drawing and cooking. Read Less

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Mike Dowd – Sales Representative

Mike Dowd is a sales representative and entrepreneur whose knowledge and professionalism are perfect for helping the most detail oriented clientele. Mike owned and operated a state to state residential moving business then worked as an independent insurance adjuster through his twenties before finding his place at Guardian Home Improvements. Read More > Now he assists homeowners by performing home inspections in order to assess the remaining life of materials and the extent of damages incurred by hail, wind, and other severe storms.

Mike’s experience as an adjuster and business owner have provided him invaluable insight into the claims process and uses that knowledge to educate homeowners so they can make the best possible decisions. With the help of his mother Laura and Uncle Alex, Mike’s team works non-stop through our busy season to provide exceptional service to as many people as they can. Mike works hard all year so he can enjoy spending time with his family (which will soon be expanding by one) and traveling during our slower months. Read Less

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Matt White – Sales Representative

Matt White is a Sales Representative who brings over 30 years of home improvement contracting experience to the table and shines through as he works with customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. Matt has the ability to oversee and manage projects with an understanding of what the installer goes through, as well as what the office staff and managers have to coordinate. Read More > His experience as an installer and all around Home Improvement contractor makes him a great asset to the clients as well as Guardian Home Improvements.

Matt works tirelessly through the busy seasons of our industry so he can spend time with his wife, children, grandchildren, and extended family. On top of this, he still makes time to pursue his passion of Cross Country ATV racing. He's raced over the last 3 years, never missing a race on a Sunday and even racing in more than one race series each year. Read Less

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Rich Reckeweg – Sales Representative

Rich Reckeweg is a sales representative and natural born people person who truly cares about others. After high school, Rich joined his father’s flooring business learning how to install prefinished hardwood flooring and managing installation crews. Coming from a family of contractors, Rich has ample first hand experience of all the hard work it takes to coordinate and execute these labor intensive home renovation projects. Read More > Combined with a high level of respect for people, Rich uses these skills to truly represent Guardian Home Improvements in a professional manner and provide a great experience for his customers as he continues to lead the pack in referral business.

When Rich isn’t busy working, he enjoys taking in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, or kayaking, he has a knack for finding breathtaking sites. Rich always makes time for family events and enjoys vacationing with friends and family. Read Less

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Brian Brennan – Sales Representative

Brian Brennan brings a positive energy with him that drives him to succeed in everything he attempts. His dedication and growing experience as a sales representative allow him to focus his energy on his client’s needs and desires. The confidence and care that he takes with every single one of his clients is what really sets him apart from anyone else. Read More >

Brian is highly motivated to provide for himself and his new bride. He has found a balance between a busy work schedule, happy home life, and also manages to stay active with his church. Brian has become a positive role model for other young adults in his church and demonstrates the characteristics of a born leader. Read Less

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