Types of Storm Damage

Storm damage isn’t always easy to recognize. With all the ways that weather can affect your home, it’s a good idea to get your home inspected to learn the details about its condition and your repair options. Storm damage comes in a variety of forms: hail damage, water damage, wind damage, severe weather damage and tropical storm damage. Learn more about each below.

Hail Damage

Hail DamageHail can be produced in thunderstorms, not just in rare weather occurrences. When hail falls, it chips away, dents and cracks the components of your home’s exterior. Most hail damage cannot be detected by the untrained eye and most definitely cannot be identified from the ground. Have our storm damage specialists visit and conduct a free, no-obligation home inspection to make sure that your home is still in good condition.

Hail damage to roofs often goes unnoticed until further structural damage is seen, such as leaks or cracks. It is hardest to recognize hail damage on shingled roofs and flat roofs, but all roofs have their own hail damage detection problems.

Water Damage

Water Damage

Water is your home’s worst enemy. If water enters the home, it may cause mold, mildew, cracks or damage to the structure – among other major issues. If this goes undetected, water damage may even cause personal property loss. The answer to water damage is prevention. Have your home inspected to make sure there are no opportunities for water to enter your most valuable asset.

Wind Damage

Wind DamageSevere weather and storms are almost always accompanied by strong winds. These winds will take any weak portions of your home exterior and destroy them. If your home has been exposed to severe weather conditions such as storms containing hail and strong winds, then it is recommended to have a professional storm damage specialist inspect your home right away before any further damage occurs. Most of the time, minor damage is not noticeable but can lead to more significant damage in the future.

Severe Weather Damage

Severe Weather Damage

The exterior of your home is exposed to the elements during every season of the year. Spring brings an abundance of rain; summer leads to extensive sun and heat exposure; fall brings sticks, debris and possibly critters; winter brings harsh temperatures and ice. These natural elements test the durability of your home on a daily basis. When more severe weather conditions hit, your home needs to be prepared.

Mother Nature has made herself well-known in the northeast portion of the country. Every year, tropical storms and hurricanes make their way up the coast leaving homes with excessive roofing, siding, and other damages. Other weather events indigenous to this area are thunderstorms, tornadoes, nor’easters and blizzards. Each of these storms bring its own set of damaging conditions such as heavy winds, driving rain, ice and snow. Contact Guardian Home Improvements immediately if you suspect damage from a major storm – before the weakened area creates more damage to your home. Our free home inspection will provide you peace of mind and if needed, will get your home repairs started as soon as possible.

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